About Drink Local Kentucky

Drink Local Kentucky℠ is a community and free source of information about local distilleries, craft breweries, wineries, cideries and meaderies in the Blue Grass State. We currently have 69 distilleries, 63 breweries, 79 wineries and 11 cideries and meaderies included in our various Kentucky and regional lists. If we are missing anyone across any of these lists, please let us know!

The primary goal of Drink Local Kentucky is simply to share our love for Kentucky bourbon, craft beer, wine and spirits, to ensure a better drinking experience for all who live in and visit our wonderful state. While this website is focused on drinking locally in the state of Kentucky, we think it's great to Drink Local Beer wherever you are, whether that's where you live or when you are on vacation.

While we think you should Drink Local, you should always Drink Responsibly.

Drink Local Kentucky℠ is owned and operated by Drink Local Florida, LLC.